Private Dance Coaching

Dance program which will embody your dreams and desires about dance in a real structured plan, where Alexandra will keep you accountable and stay fully committed to your success.



Scott Wight

6:08 PM on October 8, 2015

Alexandra is an incredible teacher who adjust her teaching style to the way her students learn! In addition to being an amazing dancer, her positive and encouraging approach to teaching and her individual attention to her students brings out the best in each one.

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Wedding Dance Coaching

A truly fulfilling program where your couple's vision and desires regarding your First Dance will be transformed to the one of a kind dance choreography.



Aimee Walker

5:48 PM on October 11, 2015

Alexandra was a fabulous teacher. I love dancing for fun, but was very, very scared to try choreography. She was patient, kind, and fun to work with. She developed a dance that both my wife and I felt comfortable with AND that helped us shine on our wedding day. We also really appreciated how easy it was for Alexandra to create a dance for two women - it wasn't a problem at all!

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