Each Of Us Should Have A Priority In Order To Achieve Extraordinary Results.

To my Dear Students: these rules and policies are designed to help you and simplify your dancing decisions. Please, take advantage of them. 

 Cancellation and rescheduling 24 hours in advance.

 All payments should be made before booking the class. 

No refunds, only credit for future classes (credit expires in 30 days) 

Renewal of your dance packages must be made within 14 days after your last class. In case you decided to renew it later you will be charged +$115 to the original dance package price, you also will not be "grandfathered" from the changes in the policies, rules and prices. 

If you are late 20 mins the class without letting me know, your class will be canceled automatically. 

 If you are late, please know that your time with me is ticking... Example: if the 45mins class starts at 6pm and you come to the class at 6:15pm, you will have only 30 mins left for your class.

20 dance classes package expires in 60 days 

10 dance classes package expires in 30 days 

5 dance classes package expires in 15 days 

Starting time of all the dance packages: within 30 days after purchase. 

Introductory Dance Session expires in 30 days.

I consider you are my student if you took a class with me and we have a teacher - student relationship. I consider you are my potential student if you purchased an introductory dance session. Thank you for helping me to fulfill my purpose. Forever Grateful.