Alexandra's way of dance coaching is inspired by being a student herself. Her caring for others is more important than what she knows. She is committed to help people feel relaxed, enthusiastic and confident through every step of their dancing journey, while achieving their amazing dancing desires and goals..


Alexandra has international clientele from all over the world. She has been described by her clients as being authentic, supportive and a knowledgeable coach having worked with solo dancers, partnering couples, wedding couples, professionally trained dancers as well as, hobby dancers. Her clients has described their experience as being motivating, fulfilling and achieving their goals of better results in their overall performance.


 Alexandra achieved international recognition receiving dance titles and awards, a accomplished Dancer, she was awarded Silver medalist of the Blackpool Dance Festival (England), Gold medalist of the Embassy Ball (California), Finalist of the International Championships (England) Her broad professional and life experiences enables her to be cognizant of various challenges clients face during the dancing journey and is able to address the challenges effectively.

Education and Training

Alexandra holds a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Education from the Russian University of the Performing Arts and is a certified Dance Coach by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Her expertise in Dance coaching was developed through rigorous application combined with a genuine caring attitude towards those being coached and her personal experiences in ballroom dancing.


Alexandra studied with many successful teachers of dance, life coaches and dance coaches like the honorable Davide and Olga Cacciari highly-awarded international coaches who have developed an enormous number of champions; such as, Yurgen Neudeck, an expert of dancing,  Donnie Burns (MBE), 14-time World Professional Latin Dance Championships; Tone Nyhagen, a world leading dance coach; Marshall Goldsmith an American leadership coach and Coach "author" David Rock CEO of Results Coaching Systems..


New York Dance Coaching is located conveniently in the midtown area of New York City. It’s an easy trip on the B, C, A or 1,2,3, Train. Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or by Internet anywhere in the world, extra support and follow-up is provided as needed. Services are provided in English and/or Russian languages

Alexandra has traveled to over 40 countries dancing, coaching and enjoys exploring many diverse cultures, when not dance coaching she's reading an inspirational book, traveling and painting.